The  Bayview Motel    

On Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior 
2419 Lake Shore Drive East (Highway 2) 
Ashland, Wisconsin 54806

Our legacy of 1950's sensible and reasonable travel style is a good strategy for an affordable vacation. 
Note from Easter Sunday, 2014.
Spotted:  A patch of crocus blossoms where just yesterday there was snow!  A robin.  Ducks and Geese floating in open water in streams at the lake front.  A cheerful gurgling river in every ditch.  The earth, brown but liberated from it's snow cover.
Perfect timing for the manifestation of Spring life! 

Call us or email us for information
Phone  715-682-5253
Note:  We do not use any web-based reservation systems.  When a site reports that no rooms are available at Bayview, it only means they do not have us as a client.


 Our lake shore is rocky but refreshing!  But we must tell you that high waters in 2013 have made this little beach almost disappear. We may be cornered, but may still have space to sit, build a fire and listen to the waves.

We look forward to welcoming you any time of year.  We take pride in making your visit to the region pleasant.  Your room is spotlessly clean and of simple charm.


Eight guest rooms of 1950s Knotty Pine. Simply furnished and cleaned till they’re shiny and bright.

Rooms have coffee, hair dryers, TV, refrigerator and microwave.  Plus, A/C if the lake breeze isn’t enough.  One room has kitchenette. Wireless internet.  (no phones in rooms, though you can borrow ours.  How is this for "reasonable"??  Bring your own bottle of shampoo.  Not sure why we balk at this.

In Summer our plants will introduce you to species native to our area while your room looks out on wise old trees (arborvitae) of the Boreal forest that shade your room and bring bird songs to your window.  Our swimming "pool" is the biggest fresh water lake in the world - just out the door.  On this rocky little lakefront there is music and motion of the waves and breezes and the power and calming influence of the water.  Bring marshmallows and build a fire in a pit next to the water - driftwood keeps drifting in to supply your fuel. On sunny days, a sunset over the lake is available for free. 

Pet Friendly or Allergic?   We allow pets in only two rooms.  A one time fee of $15 pays for cleaning to remove chance of pet dander.   If you have pet allergies, please let us know and we will ensure that you get a room that has not had pets in it.  No smoking applies in all rooms.  A cleaning fee is charged if guests smoke in rooms.

Each room has its own personality. Our kitchenette (shown) has a queen bed and sunflowers and roosters.  Other rooms have one queen bed, two queen beds or two double beds. We update each season to keep things fresh, so you may not have a room exactly as you see it here.  


Evening show

Our region is a peaceable place; luxurious wild spaces and a fresh environment. We are home to many creative artists, harvest festivals and participatory sport events  such as marathons, swimming, biking, kayaking, skiing, sailing, boating, dog sledding as well as traditional fishing and hunting.  
The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center gives a terrific introduction to our past and our environment.
The 3 communities on Chequamegon Bay: ASHLAND, WASHBURN, BAYFIELD,  round out life with good colleges, historic districts, music festivals, theatres and a hospital.  Ideas live here, too - sustainability and environmental stewardship and trending movements like local agriculture and food and wineries and beer.  
Local Transportation:  Leave your car at the motel and ride the BART Bus to Big Top Chautauqua or between Ashland, Bayfield and Washburn.  Bring your bicylcle: the nearby bike path takes you throughout Ashland and miles along the lake. .  Flying in?  If the airport car isn't available, call us for a pick up at the airport.  Or put your kayak or sailboat in down the street and beach it on our lakefront, for easy access to a lighthouse and Washburn. 
So many possibilities!

Visit the Ashland Chamber of Commerce

Bayfield Bound? Find out more...

Big Top Chautauqua - The talented summer music festival at Bayfield.

You will not believe how many more activities there are !

Don't hesitate to let us know if you need further information.